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After a long day in the saddle …

In Bikes, Chez Jeremy, Objects of Desire on April 30, 2011 at 4:07 pm

A lot of people don’t understand why we cyclists look longingly at mountains in the distance and set off with the express aim of torturing our legs and lungs all the way to the top. There’s a bit of George Mallory (of Everest fame) in us. It’s because the damn things are there! Those hills call to us like sirens. And we have no defence.

Today’s post is dedicated to my fellow addicts. You guys know that there’s nothing better after a day on the vertical than arriving home and sinking into your favourite chair, ice-cold beer in hand. Well, I’ve found the perfect answer – bike furniture. Some might think it ironic that after a few hours sitting on the ‘skinny seat’, I’ve chosen an armchair made from bike parts to rest my weary posterior. Let me tell you this beauty is as comfortable as it gets. No nasty springs or bumps to catch you unawares. Just smooth rubber and chrome. And it looks almost as good as my bike, which itself is a work of art.

Nothing will make you come down those mountains quicker than knowing that this baby awaits you. You can order one here. While you’re at it, you might as well go the whole hog like me, buy a few and form a peloton in your lounge.


Best things come in 100s

In Bikes, Future, Small Man, Big Ideas on January 8, 2011 at 2:55 pm

I have two lessons for you today.

Above is the book of that wonderful series broadcast recently on BBC Radio 4. I listened to some of the podcasts while exercising on my Ciclotte, but now that I have the book, I can look at the pictures too. It was a brave of both the BBC and Sir Neil MacGregor to attempt a series that focussed on objects using a medium that is aural only. But it was a huge success. Therein lies lesson one. Be brave. Do what’s different and you’ll be richly rewarded. That’s always been my motto. Perhaps a role as museum curator awaits when I start exhibiting fossil-like tendencies in my job here. That shouldn’t happen for a while, but advertising is a young man’s job. Being old as well as small probably will be too much even for me and I’ll bow out gracefully and dedicate my life to public service.

Back to the book. Start at the beginning and read each chapter in turn and marvel as an enthralling history lesson unfolds. If you just dip in and out, you’ll lose the sense of the human journey. It’ll be a story interrupted.

Now to my other 100. This is much shorter, but no less fascinating, and has been compiled by the granddaddy of ad agencies, JWT.


This too was consumed by yours truly, and yours truly by it, on my iPad on my Ciclotte. Never before has an hour passed so quickly or painlessly on that machine. I would have been happy to pedal for another hour had JWT decided to extend their list to 200. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of newness in fashion, technology, style, music, social media, beer even. Never before have I so looked forward to entering a new decade.  The only problem is that their study has been retweeted so many times that it itself has lost its newness. So why recycle it here? Well, no one has had the nous to link it to Sir Neil (or they better not have!) and that is lesson number two. Make the connection. That’s a golden rule of creativity. Join two disparate concepts and create a thought-storm in the reader. Does the 2011 list actually contain concepts that can be traced back to the dawn of time? How many of those trends are already in Sir Neil’s book? Does it only serve to confirm that old creative conundrum, first posited in Ecclesiastes, that there’s nothing new under the sun? Immerse yourself in both and resurface a wiser creature.


In Bikes, Objects of Desire, Wannabe CEO on January 2, 2011 at 11:08 am

Relief is on the way for you ladder-climbers out there! Feeling fat, aren’t you, after indulging in your favourite sport of red-wine drinking and blue cheese munching? You’ve accumulated a lot of weight to heave up to that next rung. You’re even a touch paranoid that your competitors may have abstained over Christmas so that they can jump out of the blocks like a scalded hare first day back, leaving you plodding physically and mentally in their wake.

Fear not. You’ve come to the home of the radical solution. Go to your nearest Tommy Hilfiger store and buy a pair of these.

Now most people would slip the trainers on and get on the treadmill. But not you. You know that treadmills are for hamsters and, although they’re cute little fellas, no one wants to be a hamster, do they? No, I’ve picked this trainer for you because it’s got illustrations from the late, great Keith Haring on it. You’ll get much more from the experience by just contemplating this work of art. Spend 30 mins taking your mind on your own properly mental iron-man equivalent. Invent stories (both histories and futures) for each of the illustrations. Who are they and where are they going? Which one is you? And are you prepared to do handstands, jump through hoops, shake things up, put your foot down (they’re all on that trainer) to reach your goal? Feel good as you exercise your most important muscle.

Now move to the next station of your circuit. Buy one of these Ciclotte exercise bikes. Sharp intake of breath. Sheer beauty, sheer expense. Well, don’t come crying to me. You’re either committed or you’re not. You have to invest in Brand Me and that sometimes involves digging deep in every sense.

This object of desire may set you back a cool £6,000 but that’s what good art costs these days. Get it out of its box and lose yourself in its circular form. Admire its stunning proportions. Challenge yourself to be so perfect. This bike knows where it’s going and it gets there effortlessly. Be this bike.

The only way to travel

In Bikes, Objects of Desire on December 26, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Everybody’s riding a bike these days. Even Boris, our mayor, has jumped on the bandwagon (or should that be saddle?) and is telling the world to take to two wheels and save the planet. Now, normally when you say ‘tomayto’, you’ll find me saying ‘tomato’. But in this case because I’ve always been a ‘cycliste’ as they say in the home of cycling, I haven’t deserted my sport of choice. Instead I’ve dared to be different by seeking out a bike like no other. And here he is (masculine gender car c’est le velo en francais), the Domenica Sport – a mixture of new and old parts that guarantees the bike is unique.

Isn’t he a beauty? Hand-made by Francesco Bertelli in NYC using a 50cm frame to suit those riders of a shorter leg length, the Domenica wasn’t cheap (though not as expensive as I’d have liked it to be) and because Francesco doesn’t deliver (another plus point in the exclusivity stakes) I’ve had to have it shipped over by our New York office. If you’d like to ogle a few more of these masterpieces, have a browse on their website.