A scary present

In Clients, Creative Directors on February 5, 2011 at 10:45 am

Helena, my super-efficient PA, came into my room yesterday with this on a silver platter. It had arrived by courier and I could tell by her face that she had only just taken off the wrapping paper. Now there are ups and downs to being my PA. And this experience was probably somewhere in the middle for her. I guess it started with a gasp-inducing down when she first clapped eyes on the skull followed by a sniggering up when she touched it and realised that it was made from chocolate, then a sinister down when she discovered that there was no card enclosed to indicate who the sender was followed by an up of solidarity with me when we looked at each other and knew instinctively that it takes more than a spooky skull to spook us two.

So why would someone send me a skull made out of chocolate? Are they saying that this skull is really a metaphor for my own mortality? That my life is all a bit too sweet and soft and could melt at a moment’s notice? Well, I’ve survived this long in the heat of the advertising kitchen, I doubt I’m going to disintegrate now.

Sebastian, our Creative Director, is big into metaphors and most of the time his commercials are as enigmatic as this skull. They leave the viewer perplexed. You need a degree in semiotics to work them out. I doubt that he sent it as he tends to ignore me most of the time.

I’ve told Helena to expect the rest of the skeleton to arrive over the coming weeks and for Detective Parnaby to solve the mystery. Between you and me, I’m betting that it’s from the Marketing Director at Cadbury. That gorilla ad was superb, but the two kids and their silly eyebrows were a complete bore.

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