I’ll tell you where to stick your poster!

In Planners, Small Man, Big Ideas on January 31, 2011 at 7:45 pm

Billboards, 48-sheets, Trivisions. Whatever you call them, we don’t need any more of them. I’m an advertising top banana but even I’m fed up with how these back-lit monstrosities are sprouting up, larger and more intrusive than ever, in every empty space in our towns and cities. I don’t mind my smartphone becoming the latest medium for companies to advertise their wares to me. At least I’m in control of that little device since I can always leave it in my pocket, turned to silent, if i want. But now I’m feeling personally guilty that some vacant urban space has been given over to a huge piece of steel by the industry I work in when a beautiful, life-enhancing tree could have been planted there instead. I dread to think at how many dinner parties advertising CEOs like me are being slated for inflicting promotional overload on the Great British Public.

Of course I’m not to blame. It’s those guys in media shops who we should be pointing the finger at. They’re the ones who’ve promised poster contractors that they’ll sell space on these skyline wreckers. And boy do they get a kick out of it! I’ve sat in client meetings when they’ve positively salivated over the latest piece of street furniture. The fact that the media owners frequently fly them round the globe from one junket to the next might have something to do with their perverse infatuation with the medium.

It’s time now to take a stand. Planners, do your duty by your industry! Take posters off your advertising briefs. Insist on multiple messages than can only be fulfilled in press. Start a movement. A facebook group. Form a collective that blogs against this intrusion (you’re good at that sort of thing). Tweet #plannersagainstpostercreep.

Together, but mainly on your own, we can stop this menace!

Let me know how you get on.

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