Has advertising lost its soul?

In Clients on January 5, 2011 at 6:03 pm

Back when I first entered this noble profession, every other account man wore a bow-tie. It was a sign – a brand if you will – that he was proud to work in Soho, a walking advertisement for advertising. Funny tie, funny job, funny commercials. Funniness everywhere. The real song-and-dance men even sported versions that lit up and twirled round.

Where are they now, those jesters? Those happy-go-lucky souls who composed jingles in their heads while eating their cornflakes in the morning, the crunching providing the beat? Nigh on extinct I’d say.

What have we got now? Well, here’s a simple test. Imagine you were to walk into the boardroom of a big London agency tomorrow where a client meeting was taking place. Could you pick out the Admen? Fat chance. It’s all gone a bit Animal Farm, where the pigs start to look like the humans.

This isn’t what you signed up for. You don’t want to morph into clients. They’re meant to need us. We’re smarter than them, we’re wittier than them, we’re more flamboyant than them.

Go home now, rediscover your bounce and come back in tomorrow on a spacehopper.

  1. Hi Jeremy, I’ve made the switch to your blog from LinkedIn! Yes, i remember the guys in the bow ties! I’m of that generation, sadly. I remember my first week in advertising the senior copywriter (bow tie wearer too) pushed me on the floor and sat on my chest! What for I have no idea.

    However my view is that there is a secret equivalent these days – the pink polo shirt!!! Ahh.

  2. The creatives would be wearing Threadless t-shirts and have iphones on their desk. The digital people would have their iphones in their hands.

    Account handling would have the huge list of amends, and planning would be the ones looking intense, but who are really wondering about whether the work would do well in research.

    I kid I kid… sometimes creatives might wear crazy shirts.

  3. Hello, Reading your website is a real pleasure, Many thanks !

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