Ban the Bean Counters!

In Accountants, Small Man, Big Ideas on January 4, 2011 at 10:00 pm

Back in the golden age of advertising, this tin stood for all that was great about our industry. And rightly so. We told a million housewives every day to pick up a tin of beans and say, Beanz Meanz Heinz. And they did. Because they trusted us. Why? Because we believed it too. We Admen put those fast-moving consumer goods on pedestals and worshipped them.

Sadly today we kneel at the altar of a different god. Henry J Heinz would be aghast to discover that the once-great industry he patronised and believed in is now more interested in counting beans than promoting them. We’ve prostituted ourselves to the financial markets and let them boss us around more than clients ever have. Well I say enough is enough! Let’s put our craft back in the driving seat. Let’s banish the Global CFO to the basement where he belongs. Let the only stock we extol be cube-shaped and called Oxo!

No wonder management consultants are eating our lunch! We’re playing them at their game and losing. The soul is draining from our industry. We’re losing our individuality. The only creativity we’re interested in is making 2+2=5. Well that’s a quick road to extinction.

Rise up! Bring back the bow-ties and pork pie hats. Ban the pin-striped suits and braces. Say after me, ‘I joined this profession to distance myself as much as possible from tedious accountants.’

Are you with me? Great! Now go mail this post to your Global CFO.

  1. Great posts all Jeremy.

    “I joined this profession to distance myself as much as possible from tedious accountants.”

    “Ban those bean counters” to the basement! 🙂

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