Go forth and multiply!

In Accountants, God Squad, Small Man, Big Shoes on January 2, 2011 at 7:44 am

That’s the command that’s just come down from on high. My Chairman in NYC, who’s a bible-quoting Plymouth Brethren fundamentalist as well as an adman, has just put the whole network in acquisition mode.

For 2011, it’s buy, buy, buy. There are bargains to be had in the recession, apparently. Now, as you know, I run the London office which is the biggest in the network other than NY itself. So it behoves me to pick up the gauntlet and get acquiring. Fast. I’m already assembling a team of top lawyers and accountants in my head in preparation for the conquest. I’ll have to brief them clearly on what type of agency I’m looking for though. Something funky and radical. People who are down with the kids. In fact, the complete opposite of the lawyers and accountants advising me. Funny! Go find me the polar opposite of you. Memorise the picture that I’ve attached to the brief for the long list. If the owner looks like this guy, don’t even talk to him!

  1. If the owner looks like this guy, don’t even talk to him!

    How do you know this guy isn’t creative or funky? The way someone is dressed doesn’t always tell you about them. Think TS Elliot.

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