Want to be the Top Banana?

In Wannabe CEO on January 1, 2011 at 10:23 am

Today is the day to give guidance to those wannabe CEOs out there. Time to reveal secrets. Time to share without fear. Time to acknowledge that there’s room for new members at the high table. Time for you to sit back and read how I did it.

If there’s one thing (and there is only one) to which I can attribute my success, it’s this: DO THE UNEXPECTED. Like showing a picture of a Big Cheese when you were all expecting a Banana. That’s exactly the type of behaviour that’ll make you float to the top in that milky bucket called middle management. Practise and you’ll see results pretty much instantly. I’ve got myself so finely honed to be unexpected, I’m constantly surprising myself. That’s why it’s so important to have a super PA, like my matchless Helena, who makes up for my unpredictability with her meticulousness. While I’m freestyling, she’s on rails. While I’m creating havoc on Mars, she’s tidying up behind me on Venus. While I’m saying ‘tomayto’, she’s got her feet on the ground saying ‘tomato’. (You guys in The States, don’t get confused by this. Just swap the tomatoes round. Okay?)

Back to doing the unexpected: surprise me! Those with Grand Fromage potential will have grasped what I’m saying by now. Therefore the lesson endeth here.


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