A Titanic Watch

In Objects of Desire on January 1, 2011 at 9:09 am

Last night/this morning, it wasn’t Big Ben that was the talk of the party I was attending. It was my new watch made by Romain Jerome from genuine Titanic salvage. Shortly after I arrived, word spread round the room that there was a special timepiece in the house and, before I knew it, people were queuing up to see and stroke it.

Titanic DNA Rusted steel T-oxy III Extreme


Well, as we approached 12 o’clock, the rest of the guests had me standing on a table counting down the seconds. And when I, like a true Captain, signalled that we’d hit midnight, everyone made a sound like a ship’s horn. Nor did it stop there. Forget the England Cricket Team and their Sprinkler Dance, our dance floor was buzzing for the rest of the party with guys and gals pulling on imaginary steamship horns. Legendary!

I hadn’t expected my watch to cause such a stir, but that’s what happens when you take care to source special pieces. Not only do they give you hours of personal pleasure but they can attract attention from other quarters when you’re least expecting it.


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