Has this chicken flown the coop?

In Chez Jeremy, Objects of Desire on December 31, 2010 at 7:43 am

You know that I don’t like to be behind the curve when it comes to ideas, but I feel I may have missed the boat on this one. Tell me,  are chickens so last year? Like cupcakes? You see I really want to buy this chicken coop called a Nogg. It’s a beautiful piece of design and I’m a sucker for that, as you know. It’s egg-shaped, it’s got and eggy name and, if I buy one, I’ll not have to worry about where my breakfast’s coming from. Does the fact that it’s such a cool object make up for the fact that hens are no longer in? Perhaps the fact that I’m considering buying a Nogg could start the craze all over again? And before you ask, this has got absolutely nothing to do with the rumour that Sebastian, our Creative Director, is getting a designer dog.


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