The States vs The Antipodes

In Great Ads on December 26, 2010 at 11:33 am

As CEO of the agency, I’m frequently asked: what’s your favourite TV commercial? I’m always only too happy to oblige. However, Sebastian, our Creative Director, thinks that it’s his job and his alone to pontificate on such matters. He gets really narked when he reads yet another one of my reviews in the press, particularly if it’s in a national broadsheet, like The Guardian. I always tell him that the reason that they approach me not him is that I can offer an unbiased view, standing on the outside of the Creative Department, if you will, looking in. The press can rely on me to give the dispassionate opinion that they could never get from a self-proclaimed, self-serving creative guru who’s too absorbed in his own so-called art to say anything charitable about anyone else’s efforts.

In this case, I’m going to let you decide. I’ve picked four commercials: two from the USA and two from Down Under. Who will win this battle of the continents?

First Down Under, for a really big ad about beer

Then to the USA for this spicy one

Then back the Antipodes for a shot of vodka

And back to The States for a speedy conclusion


  1. The old spice ad definitely does it for me!

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