The only way to travel

In Bikes, Objects of Desire on December 26, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Everybody’s riding a bike these days. Even Boris, our mayor, has jumped on the bandwagon (or should that be saddle?) and is telling the world to take to two wheels and save the planet. Now, normally when you say ‘tomayto’, you’ll find me saying ‘tomato’. But in this case because I’ve always been a ‘cycliste’ as they say in the home of cycling, I haven’t deserted my sport of choice. Instead I’ve dared to be different by seeking out a bike like no other. And here he is (masculine gender car c’est le velo en francais), the Domenica Sport – a mixture of new and old parts that guarantees the bike is unique.

Isn’t he a beauty? Hand-made by Francesco Bertelli in NYC using a 50cm frame to suit those riders of a shorter leg length, the Domenica wasn’t cheap (though not as expensive as I’d have liked it to be) and because Francesco doesn’t deliver (another plus point in the exclusivity stakes) I’ve had to have it shipped over by our New York office. If you’d like to ogle a few more of these masterpieces, have a browse on their website.


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