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Has this chicken flown the coop?

In Chez Jeremy, Objects of Desire on December 31, 2010 at 7:43 am

You know that I don’t like to be behind the curve when it comes to ideas, but I feel I may have missed the boat on this one. Tell me,  are chickens so last year? Like cupcakes? You see I really want to buy this chicken coop called a Nogg. It’s a beautiful piece of design and I’m a sucker for that, as you know. It’s egg-shaped, it’s got and eggy name and, if I buy one, I’ll not have to worry about where my breakfast’s coming from. Does the fact that it’s such a cool object make up for the fact that hens are no longer in? Perhaps the fact that I’m considering buying a Nogg could start the craze all over again? And before you ask, this has got absolutely nothing to do with the rumour that Sebastian, our Creative Director, is getting a designer dog.


Dress the part: part two

In Couture, Wannabe CEO on December 30, 2010 at 9:54 am

We’ve done the boots (remember those beauties from Balmain?). Now it’s leg time. I mentioned Acne skinnies in my last post. Well, I’m going to stick with that brand. These dropped-crotch dyed sweat pants are typical of Acne’s design director Jonny Johansson. They’re so unexpected that they’re a must for any serious advertising CEO. (As I keep saying, dare to be different.) They’re perfect too for the homunculi among us who need to choose their clothing carefully to divert attention away from their lack of stature. These sweat pants also come in white. Team them with a pair of Converse in the summer.

Lights to die for

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I just love industrial design. From time to time I’ll serve you up examples that I’ve stumbled upon on my travels like these awesome lights, hand made by Olivier Abry in the world’s capital of cool, Paris. Actually Olivier lives and works in Lyon, but he should be based in Paris. It would be so much easier for us all to go visit him and his inspiring studio if he were sequestered (good word!) in St Germain somewhere. So feel free to drop him a line, like I have, requesting that he move. I’m sure business will triple for him esp if, as a gesture of gratitude, I take brand Olivier Abry under my wing and dispense some nuggets on how to promote his artisanship. Attention Philippe Starck! Et voila Olivier!

As a taster of potential mentoring, I’ll plug (I’m on fire today!) his website.

Dress the part. Become the part.

In Couture, Objects of Desire, Wannabe CEO on December 26, 2010 at 3:58 pm

What does the CEO of a top ad agency wear? Now that’s a lot more difficult to answer than it first might seem. Selecting a wardrobe that befits ‘captain of industry meets style connoisseur meets Mr Lateral’ is fraught with danger. You must always stay ahead of the curve. Clients look to me not only to take their brands to new, exciting places but to challenge their predictable sartorial values too. You wannabe CEOs out there should experiment and find your own look, but in the meantime here are a few pointers. A good start is to pick the polar opposite of your Creative Director. In that respect I’m lucky. Sebastian Decker, our CD, is a fashion plonker. And the funny thing is, he thinks he looks so cool. He wears linen pretty much all year round – white in summer, black in winter – with open-toed sandals and no socks his footwear 365. Just washing his oily mop of hair once in a while would help no end.

Balmain Ranger

I don’t have room in this post to give head-to-toe advice, so I’ll start at the bottom and work my way up over the coming days. I bought a pair of Balmain Rangers this Fall. (It’s a good idea to practise your Americanisms every now and then, btw.) The design is high-rise with both laces and a zip enclosure. As you’d expect from this doyen of Parisian fashion houses, the proportions are sheer beauty. However it’s the high-gloss finish that first caught my eye and has been catching everyone else’s ever since. They say that the first thing a lady notices is your footwear. These impeccable Balmains will assure her that you’re not only a reliable, disciplined individual but also a man who dares to be different esp if you tuck your skinny Acne jeans in to them.

Pure class without trying too hard – the essence of any great CEO.

The only way to travel

In Bikes, Objects of Desire on December 26, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Everybody’s riding a bike these days. Even Boris, our mayor, has jumped on the bandwagon (or should that be saddle?) and is telling the world to take to two wheels and save the planet. Now, normally when you say ‘tomayto’, you’ll find me saying ‘tomato’. But in this case because I’ve always been a ‘cycliste’ as they say in the home of cycling, I haven’t deserted my sport of choice. Instead I’ve dared to be different by seeking out a bike like no other. And here he is (masculine gender car c’est le velo en francais), the Domenica Sport – a mixture of new and old parts that guarantees the bike is unique.

Isn’t he a beauty? Hand-made by Francesco Bertelli in NYC using a 50cm frame to suit those riders of a shorter leg length, the Domenica wasn’t cheap (though not as expensive as I’d have liked it to be) and because Francesco doesn’t deliver (another plus point in the exclusivity stakes) I’ve had to have it shipped over by our New York office. If you’d like to ogle a few more of these masterpieces, have a browse on their website.

The States vs The Antipodes

In Great Ads on December 26, 2010 at 11:33 am

As CEO of the agency, I’m frequently asked: what’s your favourite TV commercial? I’m always only too happy to oblige. However, Sebastian, our Creative Director, thinks that it’s his job and his alone to pontificate on such matters. He gets really narked when he reads yet another one of my reviews in the press, particularly if it’s in a national broadsheet, like The Guardian. I always tell him that the reason that they approach me not him is that I can offer an unbiased view, standing on the outside of the Creative Department, if you will, looking in. The press can rely on me to give the dispassionate opinion that they could never get from a self-proclaimed, self-serving creative guru who’s too absorbed in his own so-called art to say anything charitable about anyone else’s efforts.

In this case, I’m going to let you decide. I’ve picked four commercials: two from the USA and two from Down Under. Who will win this battle of the continents?

First Down Under, for a really big ad about beer

Then to the USA for this spicy one

Then back the Antipodes for a shot of vodka

And back to The States for a speedy conclusion


Christmas: the season for sharing

In Julian Smith on December 26, 2010 at 10:31 am

My followers on Twitter will have noticed that I’m very fond of the work of the incomparable Julian Smith. The man’s a genius and that’s high praise coming from me. Here’s a little clip about what happens when there’s only one slice of pizza left and there are two guys in the room …

What I woke up to on Christmas Day

In Chez Jeremy, Objects of Desire, Real coffee on December 26, 2010 at 8:09 am

Check out the humdinger of a present I found under the tree on Christmas morning!

Those of you acquainted with me will know that I’m a bit of a coffee snob. Now, one of the perks that come with the big job is that you find yourself on the radar of all sorts of companies who want to get an endorsement from yours truly. Helena, my super PA, fields calls all the time from coffee roasters, coffee machine makers, coffee chains based in Seattle, the list goes on. One company even sent me my weight in beans (for a little guy that’s still one helluva lot of beans) as a publicity stunt.

The little beauty above was among those anonymous presents which had been arriving throughout the month of December in my office and which Helena arranged to have sent round by the couriers to my Kensington apartment on Christmas Eve. So if you’re the one who sent it (and I guess the generous person will be reading this blog), I thank you. Not only does the Mirage make superb espresso, it’s a joy to behold too. Sebastian, our Creative Director, will be so jealous! Unless you sent him one too? Better not have!

PS Did you like what I did with the headline? Neat little double meaning. Always knew I should have been a copywriter